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Protect your trademarks & designs. 

De Fries & Tufekovic IP is a company providing services within  Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), including trademarks, designs, domains, and other services related thereto.

We provide expert knowledge within all fields of industry, including industrial design, manufacture, services providers, biotechnology, chemistry, medtech, cleantech, software, electronics, mechanics, and more.

Our clients include a wide range of national and international companies, ranging from start-ups to SME's and hospitals.  

Our clients come to us for advice because we assist them in adding value to their brands and designs by securing strong and valuable trademark and design rights for them. 

Our company

De Fries & Tufekovic IP has been spun out of a well-known Danish patent firm, which means that our company is very young, but we have over 20 years of experience and expertise in dealing with intellectual property rights.

Our people

Jette de Fries 

European Trademark & Design Attorney

T: +45 40862757



Suzana Tufekovic 

European Trademark & Design Attorney

T: +45 22866455



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